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As much as one nation invests in culture and spiritual values, to such an extent it will exist and the world will know about it. Culture Promotion Center that is calling you from Croatia. What do you think about it? You have a call from the country from which the famous writer Zvonimir Balog comes, and who just gave a culture a fantastic quote: "As much as one nation invests in culture and spiritual values, it will be so much in existence that the world will know about it."


And culture is just such, enough humble and enough to live everywhere. To get a bit in the analysis of the cultures of different nations and states, we believe that everyone can find something to improve.

And what is culture at all? Culture is the whole social heritage of a group of people, that is, the learned patterns of thought, feeling and action of a group, community or society. safety.guru INSTITUT invites you to the Center for Promoting Traffic Culture as a Code of Conduct in Traffic and Creating Forms of Thinking, Feeling and Activity in the Community and Society. Accepting traffic culture and traffic rules is a prerequisite for safety in the traffic system!




The Red Queen in the book of Alice in the Wonderland said: "In my Kingdom you have to run as fast as you can to stay in the same place." And this is happening today. There are so many traffic participants today that they barely pass one by each other. Sometimes we are in a crowd and we're angry at each other. We are always in a hurry, and the speed of movement and negligence can be the cause of traffic accidents.


Traffic safety is quite the opposite. She asks for safe steps that create a sense of trust and satisfaction in us. Traffic safety is a priority and a precondition for a successful transport system. Those who do not deal with security will often say that she is together.


We, who call you to the Security Promotion Center say: Let’s try to live without it. Join us in creating a safer traffic system for everyone.




If we take a rough definition, traffic is an economic activity that deals with the transfer and the relocation of goods, people and information from one place to another. How boring, don’t you? Traffic is a lot more and more fun. Traffic is playful and everywhere. Traffic is also curious. That is, we people are so in traffic, and traffic is happening everywhere around us.


Roads are those that connect us with friends, colleagues, families, and even with people, we don’t even know. Roads are in towns and villages but also in uninhabited spaces. On the roads, we are pedestrians, bikers, motorists, passengers and drivers in personal cars, buses, trams and trains. But we're also in the traffic when we're in the factory, school, playground, theatre, cinema or at home.


We are all traffic participants, so we invite you to share your traffic experiences with us in order to conduct better research on traffic systems and the behavior of people in traffic.




And how in such strict terms like culture, security, and traffic you find something fun, if not with the help of psychology. Psychology that also has a serious definition, which implies a science of behavior and psychic processes, and which discovers the legitimacy of human behavior. On the road, crossings or means of transport, our behavior is marked by the role of traffic participants. Our traffic activity directly or indirectly affects us in traffic.


You are still wondering for sure what is so fun. Application of creative ideas in observing human behavior in traffic is fun. Can you imagine that you look from a big tree at small people on roads who unconsciously make recognizable directions and patterns?


If you can do that, we invite you to share with us your experiences, wisdom and seeing the behavior of people in traffic.

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