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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at www.safetyguruinstitute.com

1. General Information

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter: Policies) describes which of your personal information we collect, how we handle it and for what purposes we use them, as well as your rights associated with your information. safety.guru INSTITUTE for Promotion of Traffic Culture and Safety, Zagreb, Pavla Lončara 12, OIB 23893194912 (hereinafter referred to as
"Safety.guru") processes the personal information of its users and visitors to the website www.safetyguruinstitute.com in accordance with the applicable regulations regulated personal data protection (General
Data Protection Act 2016/679).
We respect your privacy and process your personal information fairly and legally, solely on the basis of your valid legal basis, or according to your consent for processing.

2. The manner and purpose of processing personal data

Access the web site www. safetyguruinstitute.com is free and does not require registration.

However, if you want to become a supportive and active member, you need to join. Simple login via e-mail is required in the web form and payment of the membership fee. At any time, you can waive your membership by opting for the option of withdrawing membership consent in a received message.

Surveys and questionnaires
Through surveys and questionnaires, we collect information about your satisfaction with our products and services, and other useful information to tailor them to your needs and to promote public relations. The results of the surveys or questionnaires conducted are exclusively summative and anonymous. To participate in surveys or questionnaires, sign up with your e-mail address through the web form.

If you contact us with your inquiries, we will process the information you provide us solely to provide the requested information. After the response to your query the information we submitted will be deleted.

3. Protection of personal data

We collect personal data collected with compulsory application of appropriate legal, technical and organizational security measures to prevent any unauthorized processing of data. We only collect data that is necessary for the subject processing and we do not keep them longer than necessary, or determined by legal regulations.

4. Your rights

At any time, you can request information about processing your personal information and request the following rights:
- the right to access the data relating to you
- Correction or amendment of your personal data to always be accurate
- deletion of personal data (if there are no justified reasons for data retention)
- limitation of personal data processing, eg when you complain about the accuracy of personal information, and while we are not verifying their accuracy
- withdrawal of data processing consent (eg for receiving promotional messages).

If you believe that any of your rights have been violated, you may file a
complaint with the Agency for the protection of your personal data:

Martićeva Street 14, HR - 10 000 Zagreb, email: azop@azop.hr

5. Personal Data Protection Contact

Requests, complaints or inquiries regarding processing and personal data protection can be sent to the email address
In accordance with the applicable legal regulations governing the protection of personal data, any request / inquiry will be resolved as soon as possible, and at the latest within 30 days of receipt. When contacting and setting up these requirements, we will make reasonable efforts to confirm your identity and to prevent unauthorized personal data processing.

Data protection person
Safety.guru Institute
Pavla Lončara 12
HR - 10360 Zagreb
Mob. 092/301 9835

6. Rules for the Protection of Personal Data of Other Web Sites / Third
Party Third Parties
On this page you will find links to other websites or portals. The rules on
the protection of personal data on these portals may be different from
these Rules.
On our site, we also offer you social networking features that allow you
to share your personal information on social networks. Therefore, please
be familiar with the privacy policy applied on other portal or social
network sites or by third parties.
In the event that these Rules are changed, we will notify you of this on
this page and update the Privacy policy change date below as follows.
These Rules were made on April 1, 2019.

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